RFLEX – The Most Versatile Radio Frequency Welding Machine (RF/HF) – Miller Weldmaster

The RFlex is a stationary radio frequency machine that was designed with an emphasis on versatility, performance and quality with safety at the forefront.

Producing strong, durable and even welds is what the RFlex was built to do. It will weld a wide range of materials of varying thickness. The reliable and repeatable technology gives you air, gas and waterproof welds even on multiple layers of fabrics. This versatile machine will save you time and money in the production of many different products. The innovative RFlex fits perfectly in the Miller Weldmaster “work horse” line of welders.

-Small and large format technical textiles PVC or PU coated
-Tensile structures, tents, shade systems, truck covers and side curtains
-Swimming pool liners and covers, oil booms, flood dams and water tanks
-Airport hangars, portable storage structures, containment pools, ground liners
-Advertising signs and large format billboards

-Simple to setup and easy to operate
-Universal usage for PVC, PU, TPU, reinforced technical textiles
-Foldable large worktable with deep trough creating ample space behind the electrode for easy material handling
-New generation stable and efficient RF power generator
-Easily change dies with QuickGRIP release system of the electrodes
-Easier material placement and better visualization of weld with built in LED illumination.
-Manual, semi-automatic and automatic operation
-10″ touch screen HMI panel on a swing arm for use on any side of the machine
-MW safeDOWN anti-crush electrode safety motion system
-Fully automated weld cycles with 100 weld cycle recipe memory
-Auto-tuning for steady RF power feed to assure consistent welds
-High production capacity with fully programmable PLC
-RF emission protection.
-Custom dies available for versatile production
-Line up your material accurately every time with the joystick and foot pedal precision
-Easy to use intuitive operating menu with machine specific software
-Ultrafast monitoring of arcs and overloads for protecting the integrity of the electrodes and the -welded material
-For welding non-RF weldable fabrics, the RFlex can be fitted with an impulse electrode

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